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Charlton Press releases Canadian coins book

Charlton Press has released Volume Two of the latest edition of a standard reference work about Canadian collector coins.

The publisher recently issued Canadian Coins, Vol. 2 — Collector and Maple Leaf Issues, third edition, by W.K. Cross, and edited by Jean Dale. New for this edition is the spiral binding, allowing collectors to lay the book flat to access the ever-growing resource focusing on modern Royal Canadian Mint collector coin issues.

The third edition lists more than 1,100 coin designs and has more than 1,800 color illustrations, according to the publisher. All mintages are updated to 2011. Also, information about the RCM engravers for most coins has been either corrected or added.

The work is the third edition having the collector/numismatic coinage separated from circulating coinage. The separation of the former one-volume book into two volumes was necessary at the release of the 63rd edition because of the increase in collector issues, according to the publisher.

Volume Two’s first edition was released with 320 pages, whereas the third edition totals 400 pages, reflecting increases in modern coin issues (and tweaks to what material belongs in each volume).

Pricing, as usual, is updated in the third edition, with all listings expanded to accommodate new issues. Values (in Canadian dollars) are substantially higher than the original issue price for several series, including the $20 Crystal Snowflake and Crystal Raindrop coins, according to the publisher.

Sections were expanded to reflect a growing enormity in the RCM’s annual collector coin program, for instance accommodating new gold 50-cent, $5 and $300 coins and showcasing the world’s first .99999 fine gold coin weighing 10 kilograms in the bullion section. After a two-year RCM hiatus in issuing privy mark Maple Leaf silver coins, the section detailing those pieces has grown.

The book retails for $29.95 in U.S. or Canadian funds.

To order the book, telephone Charlton at 800-442-6042 or visit the publisher’s website, located at ¦

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