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Canadian Voyageur explorers on RCM Matte Proof silver $15 coin

The Royal Canadian Mint launches a new Exploring Canada series with a Matte Proof silver $15 coin celebrating the Canadian Voyageurs.

Images courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint.

French explorers known as Voyageurs traversed Canada’s wilderness while engaging in the fur trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Voyageurs are the first theme in the Exploring Canada series of Matte Proof .9999 fine silver $15 coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, showcasing Canadian exploration and history.

The 10-coin subscription program rolls out through April 2015, kicking off with a design from Canadian artist John Mantha released June 3.

The reverse design shows five men shooting the rapids of a Canadian watercourse, aboard a birch bark canoe that typified the fur trade. The Native oarsman at the helm represents the inter-cultural alliances critical to the fur trade’s success, and the manner of dress among the men illustrates the extent to which the Voyageurs adopted Native ways of life. The treacherous waterway with its rocky outcrops is characteristic of the dangerous terrain the Voyageurs navigated, just one of many perils ever-present in the wilderness.

The Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse. 

The coin weighs 23.17 grams, measures 36.07 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 15,000 pieces.

Other coins in the series will honor the following themes: Gold Rush, the Arctic Expedition, Vikings, West Coast exploration, pioneering mapmakers, wild rivers exploration, building the Canadian Pacific Railway, scientific exploration, and space exploration.

The first coin was issued at the price of $54.95 in Canadian funds.

The U.S. prices for collectors in the United States buying from the RCM fluctuate with the exchange rate, calculated at the time of purchase.   

Telephone the RCM inside the United States at 800-268-6468. In Canada, telephone the RCM at 800-267-1871. Visit the RCM website to order. 

Gatewest Coin Ltd. and Talisman Coins, official distributors for the RCM, carry the coin at fixed prices in U.S. dollars. Gatewest offers the coin for $47.95; Talisman's pricing was unavailable at press time.

To contact Gatewest, telephone the firm at 888-565-2646 or visit its website.

Telephone Talisman at 888-552-2646 or visit its website.

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