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39 percent of Brits say they won't be using any cash by 2025

A large chunk of UK residents believe they will not be using cash by 2025.

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1. Cash be gone

The Telegraph reports that nearly 40 percent of the UK population believe they will not be using cash for any purchases by the year 2025.  

"More futuristic technology is also highly anticipated," The Telegraph's report reads. "More than a quarter expect to be able to make payments with watches, wristbands or other wearable technology, and 22pc think they will regularly use their fingerprints to make payments."

2.  Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson set goes on sale September 3

Priced at $9.95, the set will be available for purchase beginning Sept. 3 at noon Eastern Time.

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3. RCM ends Bird of Prey series

"The Royal Canadian Mint on Aug. 11 revealed that the series’ new 2015 coin celebrates the great horned owl, a large owl native to the Americas, with a range spanning from the Arctic to South America."

4. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce Monday at 3:36 p.m.:

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