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Brazilian Pedro I 'Coronation Piece' And Marston

An extraordinary 1822R Brazilian Pedro I gold Coronation 6,400 Reis, one of just 64 minted, provides a historic and emotional anchor to the 5,300+-lot Heritage Auctions World & Ancient Coins CICF Signature Auction, April 26-30, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, IL. This coin is expected to bring $100,000+.

The incredibly rare Pedro I 6,400 Reis gold of 1822 is, undoubtedly, the most important and charismatic piece of Brazilian numismatics. It was a coronation piece, made in a hurry to be presented to guests of honor at Pedro's Inauguration Ball on December 1, 1822. It was subsequently redesigned as the Emperor disliked the design of his portrait on the coin as a 'Roman Emperor' and in coins of 1823, he appears in full military regalia.

Pedro I was a member of the exiled Portuguese Royal Family, and was a widely beloved figure in Brazil. By early 1822 he had become a popular leader amongst the Brazilian population. On Sept. 7, 1822, the Portuguese sent notice it wouldn't accept self-governance in Brazil and would punish all who disobeyed.

It took Pedro but a few seconds to make a decision. Mounted on his horse, by the banks of the Ipiranga River in Sao Paulo, Pedro declared, 'Friends, the Portuguese Cortes wished to enslave and persecute us. As of today our bonds are ended.By my blood, by my honor, by my God, I swear to bring about the independence of Brazil. Brazilians, let our watchword from this day forth be 'Independence or Death!' Since then, Brazilians have celebrated their Independence Day on Sept, 7.

The CICF auction offering of Ancient coins, at over 900 lots Heritage’s largest-ever, includes selections from the Mayflower Collection of Roman Republican coins, a remarkably comprehensive collection assembled over 20 years by a relative of the archaeologist who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls. The collection is notable not only for its completeness, with at least one coin for nearly every year between 169 BC and 42 BC, but for its uniformly high quality, including many rarities in superb condition and a beautiful and nearly complete set of the 'Muse' silver denarii struck by Q. Pomponius Musa in 56 BC.

This Auction also presents Heritage’s deepest offering of fine British coins, at over 700 lots. The Marston Collection of British coins includes a wide array of wonderful hammered and milled gold, led by a Charles I gold Triple Unite 1643 VF35 NGC  , estimated at $55,000+. The 130 British gold rarities in this fine collection also include about a dozen 5 Guineas pieces, a Cromwell Broad, early Sovereigns and Rose-Ryals.

Russian gold is consistently popular with World Coin collectors and this auction will give aficionados plenty to celebrate as a Russia Gold 2 Ducats 1714 Novodel Bit-H19 AU58 NGC comes across the block with a $35,000+ pre-auction -estimate, and a Russian Gold 10 Roubles 1910 PF65 NGC, a very rare issue, comes to auction with a $15,000+ pre-auction estimate.

Heritage’s World & Ancient Coins CICF Signature Auction will open for bidding soon at

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