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Aussie Boomerang silver coin from Niue takes flight

A 2017 1-ounce silver coin from Niue celebrates the Royal Australian Air Force’s CAC Boomerang plane, which debuted 75 years ago during World War II.

Coin images courtesy of Downies.

An Australian fighter plane is celebrated on a new 2017 1-ounce silver dollar with a low mintage.

Downies has issued an ultra high relief silver dollar for Niue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the CAC Boomerang, the first fighter aircraft to be both designed and constructed in Australia.

When Japan attacked Allied forces in December 1941, the Royal Australian Air Force did not possess a single fighter aircraft for home defense.

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To meet the threatened Japanese onslaught, a local fighter, the Boomerang, was produced. Designed as an interceptor with a high climb rate, maneuverability, and fitted with the most powerful engine available, the Boomerang established a reputation for effective strikes throughout New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Borneo.

The Proof 2017 .999 fine silver dollar weighs 31.1 grams and measures 38.6 millimeters in diameter.

It has a mintage limit of 750 pieces and is accompanied by an individually numbered certificate.

The coin has an official issue price of $149 in Australian funds.

To order the coin, visit the distributor website,

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