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ANS releases book about Diva Faustina

A new book provides an in-depth look at a specialized topic in ancient Roman coinage.

Diva Faustina: Coinage and Cult in Rome and the Provinces by Martin Beckmann, is the 26th publication in the American Numismatic Society’s Numismatic Studies series.

The 184-page book explores the coinage struck posthumously in the name of Faustina the Elder, wife of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius. Her coinage was the largest such issue ever produced by the mint of Rome, according to the ANS.

“Until now it has been impossible to date these coins with any accuracy, and thus difficult to determine their place in imperial ideology. This study definitively resolves the chronological difficulties of these undated issues by means of die study of Diva Faustina’s gold and bronze coinage,” according to the ANS.

Once the timeline is established, the author undertakes a study of the iconographic commemoration of Faustina in all media throughout the empire. “It sheds significant new light on the changing nature of the cult of Faustina during (and perhaps after) the lifetime of her husband Antoninus Pius, on the nature and mechanisms of family commemoration in the Antonine period in general, on the cult of the divi divaeque, and especially on the role of imperial women, living and dead, in the presentation of the public image of the emperor both in Rome and in the provinces.”

The volume contains illustrated catalogs of the sestertii and aurei in the name of Diva Faustina, including forgeries, and a statistical analysis, co-authored with Warren Esty.

The book has 36 plates and 18 die-charts and costs $95 plus shipping. For more information, visit a special page at the ANS website,

To order, write to the ANS at 75 Varick St., Floor 11, New York, NY 10013; telephone it at 212-571-4470; or fax it at 212-571-4479. Email the ANS with orders at or visit ¦

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