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ANS Lyceum set for eight-part series on civil wars and coins

The American Numismatic Society is offering a series of eight online lectures focusing on coinage and civil wars.

Image courtesy of the American Numismatic Society.

From Sept. 20 through Nov.  8, the American Numismatic Society will offer its ANS Lyceum. The event encompasses an eight-part series of online lectures addressing the relationship between coin output, circulation and civil wars from ancient to modern times.

The series is priced at $100 for ANS members and $250 for nonmembers. Full details and registration can be found on the ANS website at

The lectures, presenters, and dates of offering are:
Sept. 20 — “Coin Deposits and Civil Wars in a Long-Term Perspective” (circa 400 B.C.– A.D. 1950) (François de Callataÿ, Royal Library of Belgium).
Sept. 27 — “War and Territorial Conflicts in Classical Cyprus” (Evangeline Markou, National Hellenic Research Foundation).
Oct. 4 — “Images and Weights of War in the Late Roman Republic: The Coinage of the Imperatores” (Lucia F. Carbone, ANS).
Oct. 11 — “Civil Unrest and Debasement in the Tetrarchic Age” (Lucia F. Carbone and Gilles Bransbourg, ANS).
Oct. 18 — “Civil War and Its Specter on the Coinage of the Early Roman Empire” (Nathan T. Elkins, ANS).
Oct. 25 — “King, Country and Cromwell: Numismatics of the English Civil Wars” (Robert W. Hoge, ANS).
Nov. 1 — “Petty Cash: Coins and Tokens of the American Civil War” (Jesse Kraft, ANS).
Nov. 8 — “Mobilized Money: The Modernization of Paper Currency through the American Civil War” (Jesse Kraft, ANS).

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