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Ancient coin sellers release magazine, fixed-price list

Classical Numismatic Group and Nomos Ag have launched a new volume of the Classical Numismatic Review. The cover of the new volume's first issue, Vol. 34, issue No. 1, is seen here.

Classical Numismatic Group and Nomos AG have revived the journal Classical Numismatic Review and plan to issue the publication/fixed-price list three times a year.

The venture is an outgrowth of a fixed-price list that both firms (which are related) have issued for the past six years. The Classical Numismatic Review was last published in the summer of 2002, and it was then replaced by CNG’s website. The Review  is the successor publication to the Historical Coin Review, published by Victor England Ltd., before England and Eric McFadden formed CNG in 1990.

The revived Classical Numismatic Review offers a digital catalog of coins for sale, combined with articles, announcements and even a comic about ancient coin collecting.

It will be published in April, July and October, and CNG intends to offer material to fit the budget of collectors of all levels.

This month’s edition features a hoard of hacksilber, which are fragments of metal, coins and jewelry that were treated as bullion.

The Greek section also contains a mina weight from Seleukeia Pieria and a selection of four Alyattes trites struck from matching portions of the same dies.

Additional coins from the Gussage All Saints hoard of 2010 are available in the Roman section, while the world section features a scarce daalder countermarked during the Dutch Revolt, historically significant to both Dutch and British collectors.

The spring issue is designated Vol. 34, No. 1 (the volume number indicates how long England has been in business), and may now be found at

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