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2024 Dutch gold ducats presale underway for later release

The 2024 Dutch gold ducat and double ducats are available for pre-order now, with delivery in October.

Images courtesy of the Coin & Currency Institute.

The Netherlands is accepting reservations for its annual gold ducat and double ducat coins.

The coins are available only by presale, which continues through May 25, after which time the total mintage will be set, and further reservations are not guaranteed.

The 2024 issues continue the series begun in 2022 highlighting commodities that played a key role in Dutch trade during the ducat era.

The silk trade with the Far East is noted this year, represented by a roll of silk at the bottom of the reverse.

In the beginning of the 17th century, silk was in high demand and trade for silk proved lucrative. Silk was shipped mostly from India to the Dutch Republic, where the Dutch elite had luxury clothing made from it, and silk cloth was resold throughout Europe.

Classic inspiration

The 2024 Dutch gold ducat and double gold ducat reprise a classic design that dates to the 16th century.

The first gold ducat with the standing knight was struck in Holland under the United Provinces in 1586. The first double ducat was minted in the province of Friesland in 1612.

The Dutch Kingdom continued the practice. The coin has always had the same basic obverse, a standing knight, and reverse hosting an ornate inscribed tablet. The only variations reflect artistic liberties taken by mint engravers.

The 2024 coins are based on designs of Johan Willem Marmé, die cutter at the Utrecht Mint from 1763 to 1795. His present-day successors in Utrecht adapted the original Marmé design, characterized by a distinct helmet and accurate, detailed buttons on the knight’s outfit, to the requirements of 21st century minting.

The obverse shows the knight in armor with arrows. The Latin phrase CONCORDIA RES PARVAE CRESCUNT translates to “Small things flourish by concord” or more succinctly, “Unity makes strength.”

On the reverse the Latin MO. AUR. REG. BELGII AD LEGEM IMPERII translates to “Gold coin of the Kingdom of the Netherlands by law of the Empire.”

Specifications, details

The Proof coins’ composition is .983 fine gold, the longtime Dutch ducat standard.

The single gold ducat weighs 3.494 grams and measures 21 millimeters in diameter. It can be reserved for $483.50.

The double gold ducat weighs 6.988 grams and measures 26 millimeters in diameter. Its presale price is  $865.

Each coin is to be presented in a wood case with numbered certificate.

Mintages in 2023, also sold to order, were 1,140 ducats and 850 double ducats.

Delivery will begin in October, and the coins will be charged to buyers only when they are shipped.

Insured shipping is an additional $7.50 per order, and Vermont residents must add 6% sales tax.

To order, or learn more, visit the distributor website, 

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