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2019 Coin Yearbook for British coins now in print

The annual publication “Coin Yearbook 2019” is now available from Token Publishing, based in the United Kingdom.

Images courtesy of Token Publishing.

The annual coin price guide for British coins published by Token Publishing is now available.

Coin Yearbook 2019 was launched at the end of September during the COINEX show in London.

three auction catalogsInside Coin World: Three auction catalogs, three centuries: Our print-exclusive columns in the Nov. 19, 2018, issue of Coin World look at what ties together three auction catalogs issued in different centuries, and why 2018 is a great time to collect.

The new edition remains at the same price (£9.95) as recent previous editions. 

The independent price guide and handbook for the coin collector is fully illustrated in color and features accurate up-to-date values for all English, Scottish, Irish and British Isles coins.

The book explores ancient coins used in Britain, hammered English coinage issued from 780 to 1663, milled coinage and modern coinage.

Sections are color-coded for ease of identification and use.

Sections included in the book (and not typically included in similar guides) highlight the Royal Mint Museum treasures; provide directories of dealers, book publishers and auction houses; furnish a guide to Mint marks and denominations from around the world; and supply a glossary of coin terms and inscriptions, and more. 

The book is published for £9.95, and postage is an additional cost. 

To order, visit the publisher website.

The book is also available through Amazon and online booksellers.

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