Poland circulating 5-zloty coin honors national centennial

Commemorative marks independence anniversary
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Published : 06/11/18
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Poland is celebrating the 100th anniversary of regaining its independence with a circulating commemorative 5-zloty coin.

Released May 22, the ringed-bimetallic coin marks the end of World War I and the beginning of the modern story of Poland.

“The year 1918 was special for us,” according to Adam Glapiński, president of Narodowy Bank Polski, in a statement from the bank. “The dream of freedom became a reality. It would not have been possible if it had not been for the consistent activities of many generations of Poles, who with faith in the future fought in uprisings, nurtured Polish culture, and worked for the common good of the nation in order to achieve the desired goal.”

The coin's copper-aluminum-zinc core is surrounded by a manganese ring, and its obverse features the standard Polish Eagle design, by Ewa Tyc-Karpińska.


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The reverse carries a design by Urszula Walerzak, with the inscription translating to “100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence 2018” surrounding the denomination and two oak leaves. 

The coin weighs 6.54 grams and measures 24 millimeters in diameter. 

It has a symbolic mintage of up to 38,424,000 pieces, enough for one for each resident of the nation of Poland.

“By issuing this coin, we express our deepest respect for all the great-hearted people who, by their attitude, contributed to the fact that today we enjoy a sovereign Republic,” said Glapiński's statement. 

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