June auction offers Anglo-Saxon penny found by metal detectorist

Silver penny, only one of its type available to market, in Dix Noonan Webb sale
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Published : 05/02/17
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An Anglo-Saxon silver penny found by a metal detectorist highlights Dix Noonan Webb’s June 14 to 16 auction.

The coin is the only one of its type available to the market, according to DNW.

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The coin bears the name of Jænberht, who was Archbishop of Canterbury in the late eighth century. What distinguishes this coin from others of its type is the absence of the name of King Offa of Mercia, who was seeking to extend his power over the other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

This coin was found by a metal detectorist at Sheldwich, near Canterbury, Kent, in September 2016.

The only other known example was found in North Yorkshire in 1993 and is now in the Yorkshire Museum. 

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Until the 1993 find, all coins naming Jænberht also bore Offa’s name. The penny found at Sheldwich dates from 775 to 779, a brief period when Kent reasserted its independence from Offa.

The coin has an estimate of £10,000 to £12,000 ($12,843 to $15,412).

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