Canada marks Confederation anniversary on annual Proof silver dollar

Gold-plated version of silver dollar is only available in limited edition set
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Published : 03/20/17
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Canada’s robust commemorative coin program in 2017 celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation continues from the Royal Canadian Mint.

The latest entry into this outpouring of offerings is the annual Proof silver dollar.

The 2017 silver dollar features a bold, modern allegory of the nation of Canada, created by Canadian artist Rebecca Yanovskaya.

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In the foreground, an allegorical representation of Canada rises up as a strong, majestic, bold woman; she has a youthful appearance, given Canada’s status as a relatively young nation. As described by the RCM, “Canada” is the picture of grace and a vision of strength in her protective armor; and yet, she carries no weapon — a symbolic nod to Canada’s historic peacekeeping role and the nation’s efforts to bring peace throughout the world. Her brow is wreathed in a garland of poppies, much as the lyrics to O Canada affirm in French. 

”ThomasHow $75 worth of Thomas Jefferson’s silver helped launch the U.S. Mint: Inside Coin World: On the morning of July 11, 1792, Thomas Jefferson took a historic two-block stroll through the streets of Philadelphia carrying $75 worth of his own silver.

Facing out as though looking to the future, Canada’s gaze is calm and steady while her arms are open wide, ready to embrace what challenges and triumphs lie ahead. In one hand is a symbolic representation of the British North America Act, which represents the birth of the Dominion of Canada 150 years ago; in the other hand is a single feather that pays tribute to those who helped forge the nation’s path: the First Nations peoples and the Fathers of Confederation. A fur cape is a further reminder of First Nations traditions, as well as the importance of the fur trade in Canada’s early history.

Thirteen rays of light — one for each province and territory — shine down upon Canada, while the waves at her feet represent the oceans that surround the nation of Canada. Canadian banners link air, land and sea, while in the background, Mount Logan (Canada’s tallest peak) represents the diversity of the landscape, and alludes to the ability of Canadians to “rise” to challenges — yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“Strong, wise and hopeful, Canada embodies the ideals and aspirations of a nation that has proudly come into its own since its creation in 1867,” according to the RCM. 

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Jeff Starck -

You continue to list only one official distributor for RCM new coin issues (Talisman) in the USA. The RCM has a list of its official distributors in the USA on its website at Your biased practice of listing only one coin dealer over other official distributors is unfair, biased & unprofessional. Does Coin World have a quid pro quo agreement with Talisman? Talisman rarely advertises in CW magazine - and why should they when you give them free listings in many of your World Coin articles. Why do you not even print the RCM website address in your Canadian coin articles? Are you, or Coin World beholden to Talisman for some reason? I am a RCM Masters Club Platinum member in the USA, so I order directly from their website or toll-free phone number & receive free Fed Ex shipping. I encourage you to brush up on your journalistic ethics!