Spain honors painter Hieronymous Bosch on coins

Garden of Earthly Delights on Treasures of Spanish Museums coins
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Published : 12/23/16
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In the right panel is a vision of hells, replete with portrayals of the torments of damnation.

The reverse of each silver coin identifies the country, year of issue and the program name (all in Spanish), with a central vignette composed of part of the scene that is in color on the obverse. 

The Proof .999 fine gold €400 on its obverse shows the central panel of The Haywain Tripytch, a work that, like The Garden of Earthly Delights, has heaven and hell/good and evil as its overarching theme.

The reverse of the gold coin shows the Temptation of St. Anthony, a work long attributed to Bosch. In 2016, researchers “downgraded” the work, claiming it more likely is from the hands of an admirer and not Bosch himself, but the finding was dismissed by Prado Museum officials. 

The silver €25 coins each weigh 67.5 grams while the silver €50 coin weighs 135 grams; the set’s product limit of 2,000 is the mintage limit for each piece. 

The gold €400 coin weighs 27 grams, measures 38 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 1,500 pieces. 

The silver coin set has an official issue price of €480 and the gold coin is released at the official issue price of €1,340.

To order the coins, visit the Royal Spanish Mint webstore

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