Works of Dutch painter Jheronimus Bosch star on new coins from Netherlands

Second issue of 2016 includes limited edition colorized set
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Published : 09/28/16
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Multiple versions of the designs are available, with a Proof .900 fine gold €10 at the top of the ticket, so to speak.  

Next is the Proof .925 fine silver €5 coin, which is available plain, or colorized four different ways in a four-coin set. The colorized coins are numbered, the first time that the Royal Dutch Mint has issued a numbered coin. Each coin in a set bears a matching number, matching also the set’s corresponding certificate of authenticity.  

Wrapping up the program is the Brilliant Uncirculated silver-plated copper €5 version, which is available in a collector card or in rolls.

The gold €10 coin weighs 6.72 grams and measures 22.5 millimeters in diameter. It has a mintage limit of 1,250 pieces.

The Proof .925 fine silver €5 coins weigh 15.5 grams and measure 33 millimeters in diameter. The plain Proof version has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces, while 2,000 colorized Proof coins are available only in the 500 colorized four-coin sets.

A Brilliant Uncirculated silver-plated copper €5 version  weighs 10.5 grams and measures 29 millimeters in diameter. It has a mintage limit of 158,000 pieces; 20-coin rolls of this version are available for 12.5 percent above face value, and 12,500 pieces are offered as single coins, in numbered coin cards, for €10 each. 

Distributor Coin & Currency Institute offers three sales options from the Bosch program: The BU €5 coin in card is available for $19.95, the individual plain Proof silver coin is priced at $62.50, and the gold coin is available for $525. 

To order the coins, visit the Coin & Currency Institute's website.

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