Belarus releases its first circulating coins since independence

Coins struck in 2009 were sidelined by inflationary woes in former Soviet state
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Published : 09/12/16
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Seven years after minting them, Belarus has released its first circulating coins after declaring its 1991 independence from the Soviet Union.

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on July 1, 2016, issued a series of eight coins that were initially struck in 2009, shortly after Belarus broke up its monetary union with Russia. United States-based dealer Joel Anderson has recently acquired sets of the new coins with an old date. 

The July launch coincided with a redenomination or revaluation of the Belarusian ruble, which lopped four zeroes off the currency, meaning 10,000 rubles now equals 1 ruble. The redenomination process began as early as 2008 with some note production and the 2009 coin production, but was not finally implemented until this summer. Prior to July, Belarus used only paper money in commerce; the only coins it issued were commemoratives for sale to collectors. 

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This full eight-coin set has the 1-, 2-, 5-, 10-, 20- and 50-copeck pieces and 1- and 2-ruble coins. 

The coins all feature the Belarus national emblem on one side and the denomination and a traditional ornamental design on the other. The 2-ruble piece is a ringed-bimetallic coin with a lettered edge. The 1-ruble coin is composed of nickel-plated steel. The 50-, 20- and 10-copeck coins are made of brass-plated steel, and the 5-, 2- and 1-copeck pieces are composed of copper-plated steel. The coins Anderson offers are Uncirculated, from original bank bags, and they may have minor spots or nicks from sitting in storage all these years.

Anderson prices sets of the coins at $9.75 each; shipping and handling charges will be added. 

In addition to the coins, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus issued a new series of bank notes, as Coin World reported earlier in 2016. Anderson is not carrying the notes. 

To order the coins, visit his website.

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