Panda medals make return to ANA World’s Fair of Money in August

China marks American Numismatic Association’s 125th anniversary in metal
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Published : 07/17/16
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When a panda travels to a new location, the event is newsworthy. 

For collectors of Chinese coins and medals, the debut of three new Pandas at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money Aug. 9 to 11 is also notable.

The Shanghai Mint and Champion Hong Kong Auctions, in conjunction with the ANA, are celebrating the ANA’s 125th anniversary with three limited-edition Panda medals.

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The sellers are offering 1-ounce silver and gold medals, along with a 12-ounce silver medal. 

Panda bears captivate our attention because of their rarity and their appearance, their panda cuteness outmatching their bear nature. 

Panda coins and medals are similarly prized by some collectors, for their rarity, design and, yes, the challenge in collecting them.

The tradition of issuing Panda medals or coins in conjunction with coin shows goes back to the 1980s, and accelerated in the 1990s. Several commemorative Panda show medals have been issued in this decade. The most recent issue associated with the ANA was during the 2012 convention in Philadelphia.

The 2016 medals mark the return of the Panda to America, and were designed by Yu Min. Min is the Shanghai Mint’s designer known for the 1983 Panda coin design, which was awarded the Coin of the Year in 1985. 

Min has designed more China Panda coins than all other designers, and recently designed medals issued by Champion for the 2014 and 2015 Macau Numismatic Society show, and the 2016 World Money Fair in Berlin.

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