East India Company strikes gold with guinea commemorative coins

200 years after final guinea, modern firm recreates historic designs
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Published : 07/03/16
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The five gold versions are denominated as quarter-, half-, third-, 1- and 5-guinea pieces. 

The quarter-guinea coin (20 pence) features the rose shield design from the last quarter-guineas ever issued, those under King George III.

The third-guinea piece (30 pence) features a royal crown, the only design used on the denomination since introduction. 

The half-guinea (50 pence) features the garter design from the last circulating half-guineas ever issued, under King George III — the new shield of the Royal Arms.

The guinea (£1 and 5 pence) features the spade design from the last circulating guineas struck under King George III — a simplified shield with quarters.

The 5-guinea (£5) coin features the shield design from the very last 5-guinea pieces struck under King George III — a single ornate shield with quarters containing the arms of England and Scotland, France, Hanover and Ireland. 

Packaging options

The gold coins are available in various options,  singly and as part of multicoin sets, with varying mintages.

The five-coin set is limited to production of 100 sets total, each offered for £3,995.

A three-coin set, with the 1-, half- and quarter-guinea, is limited to production of 500 sets and retails for £1,495. 

A maximum of 2,016 examples of the 1-guinea coin are available individually, retailing for £695. 

In total, 200 of the 5-guinea coins are available for individual purchase for £2,495 each.

The 5-ounce silver coin has a mintage limit of 3,000 coins and retails for £395.

The 1-ounce silver coin is limited to mintage of 10,000 pieces and retails for £84.95.

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Full details are available at the EIC website

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