Royal Canadian Mint launches galactic series of coins

Commemorative coins honor television's Star Trek
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Published : 05/31/16
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Though the Enterprise may have flown under the flag of the United Federation of Planets, it is the Royal Canadian Mint that is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek television series with 11 new coins.

Canadian actor William Shatner (who played Capt. James T. Kirk) was on hand for the May 12 unveiling of coins at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

The program includes three coins depicting the signature vessel of the interstellar space travelers, the Enterprise.

In addition, the program features four Proof half-ounce character and technology silver $10 coins, three Proof 1-ounce silver $20 coins honoring famous episodes, and one gold $200 coin with a unique shape.

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Several of the coins that have been announced will be released sporadically over the summer, with the capstone to the collection — the Proof .9999 fine gold $200 coin — not available until Sept. 6.

A productive Enterprise

Leading the way is the Specimen silver $20 coin in the RCM’s $20-for-$20 program. The reverse of the coin features the famous space vessel helmed by Capt. Kirk, soaring through space. 

The Enterprise also appears on a colorful, Specimen finish 25-cent coin issued as part of a coin-and-stamp set. 

The blue color recreates the gaseous appearance of a nebula cloud, and six different views of the Enterprise allow the viewer to examine the vessel from every angle: overhead, underside, bow, aft, starboard and portside. The engraved center showcases the distinctive arrowhead-shaped Starfleet insignia.

Another colorful silver $20 coin featuring the ship recreates a scene from the 1968 episode “I, Mudd.”

The coin’s three-quarter view allows for a full glimpse of the orbiting vessel’s saucer section and engineering hull, while the ship’s twin warp nacelles are visible at the rear. The yellow, gold and red-brown colors of the episode’s Class K planet appear against a dark expanse of space in the background.

Character, Technology coins

Leading the character and technology coins is probably the most identifiable character from the series, Shatner’s Kirk.

The first coin features a colorful image of Capt. Kirk, set against a portion of the starship, which appears in an overhead view of its saucer-shaped hull and twin warp nacelles. Captain Kirk and his ship are framed by the unmistakable outline of Starfleet’s insignia. 

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