Royal Canadian Mint launches galactic series of coins

Commemorative coins honor television's Star Trek
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Published : 05/31/16
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The second character and technology coin is due for release July 5 and celebrates a precursor to today’s smartphones, the communicator featured on Star Trek.

The communicator was often used by the characters to contact Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (played by Canadian actor James Doohan) when about to request to be beamed back on board the Enterprise. Both Scotty and the device appear together on this coin.

The tricorder and Communications Officer Uhura (portrayed by Nichelle Nichols) appear on the third coin, which is scheduled for release Aug. 2.

The tricorder, used for sensor scanning as well as data recording and analysis, is one of the most famous pieces of Trek tech and was frequently used by members of a landing party, including Uhura.

The final character and technology coin honors First Officer Spock, and features the futuristic phaser introduced in The Original Series.

Scheduled for release Sept. 6, this coin shows Spock wearing a blue Starfleet uniform and in a state of alert, as he points his phaser pistol toward an unseen threat.

Famous Episodes coins

The first of three episode coins due for later release honors the 1967 episode, “The City on the Edge of Forever.” 

On this coin, color brings to life the engraved image of Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock (portrayed by Leonard Nimoy); both in their Starfleet uniforms, they stand among the ruins before the oversized, ring-shaped entity known as the Guardian of Forever. The coin is set for release Aug. 2. 

Another coin in this series honoring “Mirror, Mirror,” an episode from 1967, is scheduled for release Sept. 6.

For this second coin, selective color enhances the engraved image of an alternate version of Mr. Spock performing a Vulcan mind meld on Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy (portrayed by DeForest Kelley). According to the RCM, “McCoy bears a fearful expression while Spock sports an uncharacteristic goatee and altered uniform — evidence that the away team is in a mirror universe where their fellow crewmembers are behaving very differently.”

The final episode coin, celebrating “The Trouble With Tribbles” from 1967, is scheduled for release Oct. 4. 

Its reverse design recreates a key scene that has remained a fan favorite. Capt. Kirk appears in his green Starfleet uniform. He stands half-buried in a pile of small, furry creatures known as Tribbles, which have fallen out of an overhead compartment.

One gold coin

The final coin in the RCM’s monumental (or that galactic?) series of commemorative coins honors one of the most cherished and recognized emblems of Star Trek, the Delta Shield insignia.

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