Gold 10-ducat piece of Bohemia soars in May 18 Swiss auction

1630 Wallenstein piece tops $530,000 in bidding
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Published : 05/24/16
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Wallenstein’s coins are especially rare because of the political upheaval that followed the battle. Wallenstein, commanding the Roman Catholic forces, withdrew his troops from the field of battle. While the Protestants won, one of their most important leaders, Swedish King Gustavus II Adolphus, was killed.

Wallenstein was criticized for withdrawing and for later reluctance to attack the enemy, earning rebuke from the emperor. Though Wallenstein attempted to diplomatically remove himself from service of the emperor, the emperor had him assassinated, or at least failed to intervene when others announced such plans. 

Following Wallenstein’s death in 1634, most of his gold pieces were melted, and memory of him was also to be officially destroyed — in Latin, damnatio memoriae. 

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