World coins with famous musicians strike a chord with collectors

Commemoratives celebrate world’s musical geniuses: Mozart
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Published : 05/20/16
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Editor's note: this is the first part of a story by Coin World Senior Editor Jeff Starck about musicians on coins. The story originally appears in the June 2016 monthly issue.

Music has the distinct ability to connect people or take them on their own individual journey.

Every culture in the world has some form of musical entertainment and enjoyment, and its own pantheon of musical greats.

That’s why so many famous musicians appear on coins.

From Brahms and Strauss to Louis Armstrong and Stephen Foster, or even Sir Edward Elgar (think Pomp and Circumstance), musical subjects on money are many. 

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If there were a Mount Rushmore for musical legends, some shoe-ins would include composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig von Beethoven. Perhaps from the modern era, artists like Bob Marley and John Lennon would earn a place on the musical monument. 

All four of these individuals have been honored in some form of currency. They would provide the perfect launching point for a collection geared toward the musically inclined.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart might just be the musician most honored on money. 

Mozart was born in Salzburg, and showed musical talent at an early age, especially on the harpsichord and in composing. 

The child prodigy toured with his father and sister, and served as a representative of the Viennese or classical school. He moved to Vienna to teach and compose, and though he served in a royal capacity for Emperor Franz Joseph II, Mozart lived in poverty. 

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