Map-shaped coins are just the beginning for what the future will hold for coins

Poland's Seven Wonders of the World globe is ultimate map coin
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Published : 02/23/16
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The ninth and newest issue in the series is due for release March 1, but its theme remains under embargo at press time. Coin World will report on the coin when it becomes the latest map-shaped coin in the marketplace. 

In addition to Australia and Zambia, Andorra and Somalia also made their mark with map-shaped coins, issuing a series of coins in 2013.

Andorra’s coins highlight animals found in that Pyrenees Mountain nation (the chamois, eagle and marmot, among others), while Somalia’s coins are geared to a worldwide audience.

The six-coin set from Somalia reflects the outlines of six different nations, and each coin is decorated with a design from the represented nation’s flag.  

According to Joel Anderson, “It appears they picked the countries with the largest numbers of active coin collectors.” 

Issued are coins shaped like Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Russia and the United States (without Alaska and Hawaii). The multi-colored coins are denominated $1. 

Though not to the production quality of a major mint like Perth, the coins offer the only chance (so far!) to collect a coin in the shape of the United States.

Poland’s ultimate map coin

The ultimate map coin, however, might be the 2015 Seven New Wonders of the World 7-ounce .999 fine silver $7 coin.

The coin was struck by the Mint of Poland using new technology allowing for the creation of spherical (globe-shaped) coins. And what are globes if not the ultimate map?

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