Canada issues error Grizzly gold $200 coin struck with hybrid dies

Canadian Proof gold coin features bullion coin mark
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Published : 02/29/16
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An error version of the Royal Canadian Mint’s Proof Roaring Grizzly .99999 fine gold $200 coin has been discovered.

Talisman Coin staff numismatists discovered Proof coins struck with two different reverse dies, including one bearing part of a lasermark Maple Leaf security feature that was intended only for the bullion version.

The lasermark is composed of an outer maple leaf containing another, smaller maple leaf. The year date 16 inside the smaller leaf identifies the year of issue. 

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A correct Proof coin (as the RCM intends to issue them) does not include the lasermark, which is found on RCM bullion coins. The error version, however, shows the outer outline of the laser mark.

The error version is obvious, according to distributor Talisman’s John Winkelmann. 

The error die is a hybrid of the Proof and bullion versions of the coin. It has the same Proof finish as the correct Proof reverse and the designer’s initials PL (for Pierre Leduc) that normally appear on the regular Proof version but are not intended for the bullion coin. The combination of the maple leaf security mark and the PL initials suggests that it wasn’t merely the case of a wrong die being used to strike the errors.

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Instead, Winkelmann suggests, the error likely occurred during the digital die production. 

“One guess we can offer is that somehow, during the computer-aided design stage, in anticipation of die preparation, one layer present on the bullion coin image (the outline of the outermost maple leaf) was either transferred inadvertently or not erased from one of the proof die files,” he said in a statement. “And dies were then hubbed or generated from at least two different files for the Proof die.”

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