Colorful sticker on French coins recall November terror attacks in Paris

‘Peaceful gesture’ from New York coin dealer also raises money for animal charity
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Published : 01/27/16
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As a “peaceful gesture,” New York coin dealer Joe Cartonia decided to memoralize the Paris terrorist attacks on historic 5-franc coins.

Cartonia, owner of J.C. Coins LLC in Buffalo, N.Y., offers the coins with a sticker on their reverse featuring the colors of the French tri-color flag and the three-line legend 2015 PARIS PEACE.

Louis-Oscar Roty’s famed Sower design remains visible on the obverse.

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The copper-nickel 5-franc coins of this design were issued for circulation from 1970 to 1995, with mintages in the millions. Cartonia made hundreds, if not thousands, of the stickers, he said. 

“I just did it as a peaceful gesture. A friend’s daughter was there in Paris, just down the street, when the attack happened [Nov. 13],” he told Coin World.

In total, 130 people were killed in a wave of coordinated attacks across the city by Islamic extremists. 

Cartonia offers the stickered coins for $2 each, $1 of which benefits Tabby Town Cat Adoption Center in Blasdell, N.Y.

The price offsets his costs and raises money for his favorite animal charity, he said. 

No shipping charge is named, though persons ordering multiple quantities of stickered coins are invited to contribute to shipping.

To order the stickered coins, write to J.C. Coins LLC, 2197 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14212, or telephone the firm at 716-897-3460. 

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