Marking abolition on world coins and medals: Going Topical

Medals, coins mark national milestones outlawing slavery
By , Coin World
Published : 10/16/15
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Cuba issued an Abolition Centennial 1-peso commemorative coin in 1987. It shows a slave dramatically breaking the chains of slavery that have bound him. In 1992 and 1993, Cuba also issued 10 1-peso coins commemorating five centuries of the African presence in the New World and celebrating the life of Abraham Lincoln. He is depicted as the Great Emancipator, encircled by a chain of bondage that is now broken.

In 1988 Brazil issued a three-coin series honoring their abolition centennial. One features an enslaved child, one a woman, and one a man. The series recognizes that people of both genders and all ages were enslaved and suffered. All three coins bear a 100-cruzado denomination and read BRAZIL, A CENTURY OF ABOLITION, 1888–1988. 

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