Barclays will become first big UK bank to accept Bitcoin: Coin World Buzz

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Published : 09/02/15
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1. Bitcoin at Barclays

According to  Daily Mail UK, Barclays will the first major retail bank in the United Kingdom to accept Bitcoin, and will begin doing so later this year. 

"It plans to allow people to make charity donations using the virtual currency by going into partnership with a 'bitcoin exchange.' Such spending platforms are essentially a way of allowing transactions to be carried out instantaneously without a bank acting as middleman," Daily Mail reports.

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2. Daniel Frank Sedwick's October auction

Rare silver coins and gold from shipwrecks are among the items that will be available at the world coins auction. 

Watch a preview.

3. Los Angeles Sale will feature 1929 gold

"Bonhams' Sept. 14 auction in Los Angeles of 384 lots of coins and medals includes an example of the half eagle and double eagle from 1929, the year the New York Stock Market crashed."

Take a look at what else the Bonham sale will offer.

4. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce Wednesday at 10:12 a.m. ET:

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6. Something social

Coin World has begun receiving comments from readers about packaging problems with the $1 Federal Reserve note in the...

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