Sweden's first issue of stamps includes famous color error

Swedish coin shows lesser-known issue from first stamp series
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Published : 04/30/15
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Editor's note: The following is the final piece of (and bonus coverage related to) a multi-part Coin World series about the intersection of coins and postage stamps prepared by Jeff Starck for the May 2015 monthly edition of Coin World.

In 2005, Sweden celebrated the 150th anniversary of its first stamps by issuing a 50-kronor coin in an aluminum-bronze composition.

Sweden’s first stamps were a series of five denominations issued July 1, 1855. The denomination featured on the coin is the 4-skilling-banco, which was printed in blue.

The obverse of the coin shows the stamp with the legend SVERIGES FÖRSTA FRIMÄRKE 150 ÅR (which translates to “Sweden’s First Stamp 150 Years”) inside a frame. On the left is the year “1855” and on the right “2005.”

The reverse of the coin shows a winged letter flying over a landscape with houses and woodland, with a road traversing the landscape. On the letter is a French horn (the symbol of the Swedish Post Office).

The 4-skilling-banco stamp, however, is not Sweden’s most famous issue from that first series. That honor belongs to the 3-skilling Yellow, as the error has come to be known.

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