ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 theme of latest curved coin: Morning Report

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Published : 02/24/15
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1. Curved craze

The curved-coin phenomenon continues. 

The Royal Australian Mint is selling a domed coin to celebrate the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 being held in Australia and New Zealand.

"Cricket is not only a great part of our sporting heritage but it is also a popular theme that lends itself perfectly to utilise the innovative curved feature,” Royal Australian Mint CEO Ross MacDiarmid said in a release. “With only 5,000 available, we are fairly certain by the end of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 we’ll be sold out.”

The Cricket World Cup began Feb. 14 and runs through March 29. 

2. One-of-a-kind coin

"The only known example of the Overton 109 die marriage of the 1794 Flowing Hair half dollar in silver is headed to auction."

3. You bought it

An 1881-CC Morgan dollar. A U.S. Marshals commemorative. Some 2015 silver American Eagles.

Coin World Facebook fans told us about what they bought over the weekend.

4. Grand finale

In the final post of a six-part Coin World series, Michele Orzano writes that the Bank of England will release a redesigned £5 polymer note honoring Sir Winston Churchill.

5. Precious metals pricing

Kitco.com listed the following prices per ounce at 7:24 a.m. ET Tuesday:

6. Today's most-read post so far

Writing a great numismatic book: Monday Morning Brief, Feb. 23

7. Being social

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