12-sided £1 coin to cost UK's vending machine industry millions: Morning Report

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Published : 11/26/14
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1) Pound problems

The Royal Mint’s 12-sided £1 coin set for release in 2017 might have collectors intrigued, but it has vending-machine operators annoyed.

The Independent reported online Wednesday that it will cost the country's vending machine industry £72.8 million (or approximately $113.72 million) in machine modifications to accommodate the newly shaped coin.

The Automatic Vending Association that represents the firms that own most of the United Kingdom’s 450,000 machines wants the Her Majesty's Treasury to help pay for the modifications. 

2) Precious metals market

Gold is valued at $1,197 as of 9:06 a.m. ET Wednesday morning, according to Kitco.comSilver is at $16.60. 

3) What’s on CoinWorld.com this morning?

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5) Being social

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