Australia issues colorful circulating $2 coin to mark Remembrance Day

Special countermark available on Spirit Lives On $1 coin
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Published : 11/07/14
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Australia’s newest colorful circulating coin celebrates Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day.

The 2014 $2 coin, launched Oct. 30, was unveiled in Albany, Western Australia, to commemorate the first wave of 30,000 soldiers that departed from Albany on their way to World War I. 

The colored coin features a double ring of green print encircling a dove and olive branch symbolizing peace. The design was inspired by the Australian Commonwealth Military Forces’ original “Rising Sun” badge. 

Attendees of the event were allowed to add an AL mark on a different coin, the 2014 Spirit Lives On aluminum-bronze dollar, to signify that they were purchased at the launch in Albany. In recent years, the Royal Australian Mint has used marks to indicate the capital cities of Australia for annual dollar coins (like the 2014 Spirit Lives On coin) sold at shows or struck at the Mint in Canberra. 

The Spirit Lives On coin retailed for $10 each and had a mintage limit of 15,000 pieces. Companion silver and gold coins, with different designs and lacking the AL mark, are available through the mint’s online store.

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