Spain honors Royal School of Artillery with silver €10 coin

School founded at Segovia Castle, which inspired Cinderella’s castle
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Published : 10/09/14
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The Royal Mint of Spain, the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, honors the 250 anniversary of the Royal School of Artillery with a new collector coin released Oct. 13.

The Proof .925 fine silver €10 coin shows the school’s coat of arms on the obverse, with the Alcázar de Segovia (Segovia Castle) on the reverse. 

The Royal School of Artillery is the principal training establishment for artillery warfare in the Spanish Army.

On May 16, 1764, by order of King Charles III, the Royal School of Artillery was inaugurated in the Alcázar de Segovia. The castle is one of the inspirations for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle and served as a fortress, a royal palace, a prison and, finally, as a military academy, according to the Spanish mint.

The coin weighs 27 grams, measures 40 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 7,500 pieces. 

Distributor Royal Scandinavian Mint offers the coin for $74.95 in U.S. funds. 

To order, telephone the firm toll free at 877-552-6468, email the company or visit the firm’s website

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