Collector designs silver medal to honor his wife, Laurie, the co-regent of home duchy of 'Marksova'

Home Hobbyist column from the Aug. 18, 2014, issue of Coin World
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Published : 08/04/14
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So much about coin collecting occurs in the home, from searching rolls to reading hobby publications.

For Gary Marks, chair of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, home is more than his castle: It is his country, and where his wife, Laurie  — Grand Duchess of Marksova, to be exact — serves as the co-ruler.

Like many Coin World readers, Gary has a passion for collecting. Last year he called on that passion to help design a “coin” in honor of Laurie, replete with its own “Certificate of Authenticity.”

The certificate reads, in part: “The Royal Mint of Marksova proudly introduces the 2014 Silver Duchess One Numi Coin [that] pays tribute to a real person, Laurie Ann, who forever reigns in the heart of the man who conceived and commissioned this coin.”

The certificate also credits medallic artist and CCAC member Heidi Wastweet for designing and sculpturing the obverse, which “captures the enchanting beauty and kind spirit of the beloved Grand Duchess.”

Marks designed the reverse, which features a heraldic eagle, with the Marks family crest as its shield.

To make a fantasy piece like this, you need a design and then a sculpture of obverse and reverse for a three-dimensional vision. Gary approached Heidi last summer.

Once the designs and sculptures were finished, Gary used BEX Engraving in Fullerton, Calif., to manufacture the final product.

Laurie opened the gift in December, during the 2013 holiday season. At first she didn’t recognize her profile, but slowly it dawned on her, and then she was “overwhelmed.”

“We have been married 31 years,” she said. “You can forget sometimes how much you really love each other. I know now how deep his love for me is.”

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