Father's Day gifts: Dads tell Coin World on Facebook which coins they received on their special Sunday

We earlier asked what they wanted; now they tell us what they actually got
By , Coin World
Published : 06/16/14
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After asking fatherly Facebook fans which coins they wanted for Father's Day earlier this month, Coin World wanted to know Monday morning if they actually received any.

Here’s what they’ve told us so far:

  • Andy Dempster: "I got a 1877 indian head penny"
  • Timothy Benedict: "No, just found my first 2014-D One Cent in circulation."
  • Patrick Rueb: "2013 spouse bronze medal set and 1913 quarter."
  • James Silva: "Brown Whitman National Park's. Gonna fill it with silver proofs to match my state quarters."
  • Paul Cribb: "PCGS MS 65 1898 O Morgan $. Has some nice rim toning."

Did you get any coins for Father's Day? Tell us in the comment section below.

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