Steinberg's publishes spring world gold coin price list

Published : 03/14/14
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A new list of world gold coins from many nations and eras is available from Steinberg’s Inc. 

The firm notes that it has specialized in U.S. and world gold coins for more than 60 years. 

Countries represented on the new list range from Albania to Yugoslavia, and the firm also offers various ancient coins. Highlights include a 1978 Belize $100 coin celebrating the Mayans with a mintage of 351 Uncirculated examples, and a Chilean 1751-So J gold 8-escudo coin of Ferdinand VI recovered from the Nuestra Senora de la Luz shipwreck.

The list reflects recent purchases at coin shows around the country, through auctions and private treaty sales.

Telephone Steinberg’s Inc. at 919-363-5544 or view its website at

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