Reddite crown realizes $657,818 in Spink auction

Establishes two record prices for English coins
Published : 03/27/14
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Only five silver examples of the Reddite crown are known, whereas an estimated 16 Petition crowns are believed to exist, from a mintage of no more than 30 examples each, according to Spink.

Simon’s attempts to gain work as the royal engraver failed despite his reputation as the finest medalist and seal engraver of the time. He lost the commission because of his service to Cromwell during the Commonwealth after the Parliamentarians beheaded Charles I.

The Dutch engravers John and Joseph Roettiers earned the commission because they assisted Charles II while he was in Holland in exile.

The Reddite crown sold March 27 is “the twin” to a Petition crown that Spink sold Sept. 27, 2007, for a record £207,100 (about $417,637 U.S.)

Both coins came from the Glenister Collection, a family collection built in the 1940s and 1950s. The collection was split “some time ago,” across two arms of the same family on the death of its creator, according to Spink coin specialist William Mackay.

The Reddite crown in the Glenister Collection was bought in 1950, six years after the Glenister example of the Petition crown was bought.

Both Glenister examples of Simon’s handiwork have a provenance dating back to 1755.

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