China’s 2014 Year of Horse coins available in United States

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Published : 03/07/14
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Just in time for the Year of the Horse, China’s 2014 coins in its Lunar Calendar series are now available in the United States.

The coins were released Oct. 10, and the domestic market in China receives immediate access. However, for the coins to enter international markets takes several months, according to William Graessle, vice president of sales for PandaAmerica, a distributor of Chinese coins. 

Graessle confirmed that his firm received the coins during the week of Jan. 20. 

Under the Lunar Zodiac calendar, the Year of the Horse began Jan. 31. Each year is designated for one of 12 animals in a sequence, with attributes of those born within each year said to be influenced by their birth animal.

China’s Lunar Zodiac coin series is its largest annual series, with 16 different coins being issued this year.

Seven .999 fine silver coins and nine .999 fine gold coins are available, and each features one of two reverse designs. 

Twelve coins bear the common reverse of a running horse with the background pattern of a decorative horse head, the face value and the words of “Jia Wu” (which means Year of the Horse) in Chinese. 

The 12 coins with this design are: 

➤ Round 1-ounce silver 10 yuan. 

➤ Plum-blossom shaped 1-ounce silver 10 yuan.

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