Swiss firm offers Russian rarities in second auction

Sincona schedules sale in Zurich Oct. 24, 25
Published : 10/21/11
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A 1757 gold 10-ruble pattern coin of Elizabeth of Russia highlights auction No. 2 from Sincona Swiss International Coin Auction AG, scheduled for Oct. 24 and 25.

The Russian rarity, featuring a design of the empress by Jacques Antoine Dassier, is in About Extremely Fine condition and has an estimated value of 150,000 Swiss francs (about $166,241 in U.S. funds). The pattern is one of two in the auction, the other graded by the auction house also as About EF and carrying the same estimate.

The pair of patterns highlights an offering of 1,278 lots of Russian and Eastern European coins, led by an “old collection of Eastern European coins and medals.”

The auction is one of three scheduled within a week by the fairly new Swiss auction firm that was born from the former auction department at UBS.

All the auctions will be held in the Hotel Savoy in the center of Zurich, Switzerland.

Additionally the firm has scheduled what it calls a “speed auction” for Oct. 29 in conjunction with an international coin fair at the Swisshotel in Zurich-Oerlikon.

A 15 percent buyer’s fee applies to all successful bids, with an additional applicable fee varying depending on bidding method.

Catalogs may be viewed at

Write to the firm at Pelikanstrasse 11, CH-8001 Zürich, telephone Sincona at (011) 41 44 215 1090, email the company at or visit the website

Some highlights:

Russia, 1712 gold ducat, Peter I, Moscow Red Mint, Friedberg 89 ( Gold Coins of the World by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg), Lot 58, Very Fine.

Russia, 1728 gold 2-ruble coin, Peter II, Moscow Red Mint, F-104, Lot 116, About Extremely Fine, “scratches.”

Russia, 1755 gold 5-ruble coin, Elizabeth, St. Petersburg Mint, F-124, Lot 192, EF to Uncirculated, “minor scratches.”

Russia, 1762 Coronation gold medal in the weight of 50 ducats, Catherine II, dies by T. Ivanov and G.C. Waechter, 173.51 grams, Lot 273, EF-Uncirculated, “minor edge fault and scratches.”

Russia, 1762 gold 10-ruble coin, Peter III, F-126, Lot 259, EF, “minor edge fault.”

Russia, 1763 gold 10-ruble coin, Catherine II, Moscow Red Mint, F-129, “collector’s mark ‘c,’ ” Lot 274, Good EF, “minor planchet fault on obv[erse].”

Russia, 1766 gold ducat, Catherine II, St. Petersburg Mint, F-133, Lot 293, EF to Good EF.

Russia, 1768 gold 10-ruble coin, novodel, Catherine II, St. Petersburg Mint, Lot 302, Good EF, “minor edge fault.”

Russia, 1793 gold medal, death of Prince Dmitry Golyzin, dies by P. Baldenbach, 62.71 grams, Lot 353, About EF to EF, “small scratches.”

Russia, 1803 silver ruble, St. Petersburg Mint, “cabinet piece, splendid patina,” Lot 432, Numismatic Guaranty Corp. Mint State 66.

Russia, 1836 gold 10-ruble coin, novodel, Nicholas I, 10th anniversary of coronation, F-153, “only 36 pieces minted,” Lot 539, Good EF, “edge faults and scratch on obv[erse].”

Russia, 1850 silver ruble, Nicholas I, St. Petersburg Mint, “cabinet piece, fine toning,” Lot 585, Brilliant Uncirculated/Perfect Proof.

Russia, 1856 gold medal in the weight of 50 ducats, Alexander II, coronation, dies by A. Lyalin and M. Kuchkin, 173.16 grams, Lot 629, EF, “hairlines.”

Russia, 1876 gold 25-ruble coin, Alexander II, St. Petersburg Mint, F-162, “only 100 pieces minted,” Lot 697, Uncirculated, “minor edge fault.”

Russia, 1883 gold medal in the weight of 50 ducats, coronation of Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna, dies by S. Vazhenin and A. Grilichis, 174.95 grams, Lot 731, EF to Uncirculated/Proof.

Russia, 1895 gold 5-ruble coin (1/2 imperial), Nicholas II, F-175, “only 36 specimens minted,” Lot 810, EF to Uncirculated, “minor edge faults.”

Russia, 1896 gold 25-ruble coin (2.5 imperial), Nicholas II, F-171, “only 300 pieces minted,” Lot 812, About Uncirculated/Proof.

Russia, 1902 gold 37 ½ -ruble coin (100 francs), Nicholas II, F-170, St. Petersburg Mint, “only 225 pieces minted,” Lot 859, Uncirculated/Proof.

Russia, 1902 gold 37 ½ -ruble (100 francs), Nicholas II, F-170, St. Petersburg Mint, “only 225 pieces minted,” Lot 860, EF, “minor scratches.”

Russia, 1907 silver ruble, Nicholas II, St. Petersburg Mint, “fantastic cabinet piece with wonderful rainbow patina,” Lot 873, Brilliant Proof. ■

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