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Silver U.S. Mint bullion sales down year-over-year

U.S. Mint American Eagle silver bullion coin sales were down in April 2015 compared to April 2014, according to figures posted online May 1.

The Mint lists April 2015's total sales of the 1-ounce silver bullion dollar coins at 2,851,500 coins, which is down from the 3,569,000 coins it sold in April 2014.

It is the third straight month of 2015 that year-over-year sales are down. 

March 2015 sales (3,519,000 ounces) were down from March 2014 sales (5,354,000 ounces), as were February 2015 sales (3,022,000 ounces) compared to February 2014 sales (3,750,000 ounces).

Three straight down months means year-to-date silver bullion sales are down in 2015 (at 14,922,500 ounces) versus 2014 (17,448,000 ounces).

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