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Zachary Taylor recipient of three congressional gold medals

This is the eighth and final installment in a series of articles dedicated to congressional gold medals struck by the U.S. Mint:

Zachary Taylor holds the distinction of being the only individual awarded three congressional gold medals that recognize his military exploits on the battlefield, all citing his accomplishments during the War with Mexico.

Maj. Gen. Zachary Taylor, future 12th president of the United States was awarded his first congressional gold medal in July 16, 1846, legislation, recognizing distinguished achievements in operations on the Rio Grande; another in March 2, 1847, legislation, for distinguished military operations at Monterey; and the third in May 9, 1848, legislation recognizing his actions in the Battle of Buena Vista, during which Taylor led in defeating the Mexican Army under Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna.

On the secondary market or at auction, collectors may encounter examples in silver or bronze composition of each of the three medals, examples of which are illustrated.

Current bronze duplicates of the 3-inch gold medals are available in 1.5-inch and 3-inch sizes from the U.S. Mint’s website at Most of the bills authorizing the gold medals give the Mint authority to strike the collector versions of the medals.

A complete cumulative listing of the medals authorized as well as the recipients can be found at

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