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Who has our backs?

I am currently going through a collection of coins my dad had. There is no rhyme or reason to what he kept, but I’m hopeful. The coins will keep me busy for years, as a new hobby. 

I’ve had fun and disappointments with this new hunting expedition. I’ve found a few coins to send in and get graded. This is where my disappointment comes in. 

I sent in two coins that were doubled dies (1966 Kennedy half dollars), and they came back graded with no notation of the doubled die. This is where the hobby of coin collecting is flawed. I called and found out when getting a coin graded, I am to list all the uniqueness or errors on that coin that I want verified. Really? I thought that was the thrill of sending coins in to get graded — that they would use their expertise and identify all that my coin is. So now I have to depend on my expertise to find a “winning” coin?

I asked a couple collectors and they didn’t realize this either. Can you just imagine how many rare coins are graded without their full identity mentioned because the owner didn’t see it? 

This is something that alters my coin collecting fun. If I knew someone else was watching out for me when I sent something in to get graded, I’d keep at it full-heartedly, because I thought someone else had my back. 

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