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Whitman updates its Morgan dollar guide to include 2021 coins

Pre-orders are being accepted by Whitman Publishing LLC for the seventh edition of “A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars.”

Image courtesy of Whitman Publishing LLC.

The revised and expanded seventh edition of numismatic author Q. David Bowers reference A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars will be released by Whitman Publishing LLC in December.

While the 336-page reference will be retailed through coin shops and booksellers nationwide, pre-orders are being accepted at for $24.95 per copy.

The book follows the format of the first six editions, with a history of America’s silver dollar dating back to the 1790s and chapters on the Morgan dollar’s design, how dies were made, the minting process, the five Mints that struck the coin from 1878 to 1921, and Treasury Department hoards and other accumulations.

“For collectors, Bowers gives advice on ways to collect Morgan dollars; grading and the marketplace; and how to cherrypick rare die varieties,” according to Whitman Publishing. “The book’s year-by-year catalog is an analysis by date and Mint mark of more than 100 coins in the series. Appendices offer a report on the recent discovery of 1964 Morgan dollar dies and hubs in the Philadelphia Mint’s archives; a study of Morgan dollar patterns; a gallery and descriptions of misstruck and error Morgan dollars (including the 1882-CC ‘Grand Snake’); a study of counterfeit Morgan dollars in today’s market; and information on the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act.”

The book illustrates hundreds of new images and incorporates valuations in multiple grades.

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