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What is a Poor 1 1799 Draped Bust silver dollar worth?

This well-worn 1799 Flowing Hair dollar, graded PCGS Poor 1, sold for $528.75 at a March 2, 2014, Heritage auction.

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It is rather unusual to find an 18th century coin that’s worn down to Professional Coin Grading Service Poor 1 condition without acquiring severe problems along the way. 

This 1799 Flowing Hair dollar has virtually no design left on the reverse. However, the obverse has a strong date and, at $528.75, it represents an entry-level example of the Draped Bust dollar type. For reference, another example of a 1799 dollar in About Good 3 brought $763.75 at a 2013 auction, while one of the finest known of the type, graded Mint State 67, sold for $822,500 at Heritage’s Nov. 15, 2013, auction of selections from Eric P. Newman’s collection.

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