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Week's Most Read: Old gold coins at West Point Mint

The West Point Mint holds, in addition to millions of foreign gold coins, nearly 2,000 United States gold coins of various denominations dated between 1850 and 1929.

West Point Mint photo by Coin World Senior Editor Paul Gilkes.

The week is winding down, and it’s time to catch up on what happened in the numismatic world.

To look back at Coin World's five most-read stories of the week, click the links to read the stories. Here they are, in reverse order:  

5. Monday Morning Brief for July 23, 2018: Our print issues get a makeover: If you are a subscriber to Coin World’s monthly edition, you'll find that the Aug. 6 issue has a fresh look. 

4. Coin World Marketplace offers new venue for buying and selling: Coin World Marketplace, an online venue for collectors and dealers to safely buy and sell coins and other numismatic items, will debut in August.

3. World approaches time when no new gold mining sources can be found: Can you imagine a world where no more gold is available to mine? Some market watchers believe it is near.


1878-CC Morgan dollarInside Coin World: Coin Values Spotlight debuts in weekly issues: A new regular column in the weekly editions of Coin World, “Coin Values Spotlight,” makes its debut in the Aug. 13 print issue.

2. Inside Coin World: Building a $20,000 collection of U.S. coins: In a preview of content found only in the Aug. 6 Coin World, we look at Steve Roach’s $20,000 hypothetical coin collection.

1. West Point Mint holding pre-1930 U.S. gold coinage: The West Point Mint is holding nearly 2,000 pre-1930 United States gold coins, some dating to 1850.

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