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Week's Most Read: Stopping counterfeiters

The U.S. Mint began investigating anti-counterfeiting measures after fake American Eagles began appearing on the market in counterfeit grading service holders with fake grading labels.

Images courtesy of Columbus, Ohio, dealer who wishes to remain anonymous.

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Here are five of our most-read articles from the past week, in reverse order.

5. Designs for 2022 American Women quarters revealed: The Treasury-approved designs for 2022 in the four-year quarter dollar series honoring U.S. women are revealed in preparation for their circulation next year.

4. Sales of Limited Edition Silver Proof set near 50,000 mark: The available Limited Edition Silver Proof sets that include both designs of the American Eagle for 2021 were snapped up in about nine hours.

3. Market Analysis: A broadstruck 1855 gold quarter eagle: A rare example of an error  on a gold coin, a broadstruck 1855 Coronet gold $2.50 quarter eagle with part of the design off center, was recently offered.

2. Market Analysis: Coveted 1976 Bicentennial error coins: Two coins issued during the nation's Bicentennial, each an obverse die cap error strike, came up for sale in a recent Stack's Bower Galleries auction.

1. New American Eagles anti-counterfeiting tech is overt, covert: The notch at 6 o'clock creating a reed pattern variation is just one of the steps designed to protect American Eagles from counterfeiting.

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