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Week's Most Read: Million cent hoard

The cache of Lincoln cents after being pulled from their hiding place stored for decades in the crawl space off the basement of a Los Angeles home.

Original images courtesy of John Reyes.

Each week, we publish at our website select content from the print issue of the week’s Coin World as well as content written primarily for the online audience. 

Here are five of our most-read articles from the past week, in reverse order.

5. South Africa issues revised note series for 2023: South Africa has upgraded the features on five denominations of its circulation notes, and the new notes will co-circulate with the previous issue.

4. Some options close for 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars: The subscription option for two of the five numismatic products to be offered involving the 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars is closed as demand reached capacity.

3. Mint reports sales of 2023 bullion coins through May: Sales for at least some of the American Eagle bullion coins and the American Buffalo gold coin are above 2022 levels through the month of May.

2. Gold coin hoard totaling 800+ pieces found in Kentucky: The discovery of a large hoard of gold coins in a farm field in Kentucky continues to generate interest and speculation about the origin.

1. Offers pour in for million cent hoard in California: The answer to "what would you do with a million pennies" may be known soon as the recent find has drawn worldwide attention and interest.


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