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Week's Most Read: Future coin compositions draw reader attention

The United States Mint’s fifth biennial report on technological research found the production cost of the five-cent piece to be over seven cents.

Image courtesy of the United States Mint.

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Here are five of our most-read articles from the past week, in reverse order.

5. Market Analysis: 1964 Kennedy half on clad quarter dollar: A Kennedy half dollar struck on a quarter dollar planchet intended for the next year's coins sold for more than $4,000 in a Heritage auction. 

4. NGC certifies new mule die pairing from two $1 series: The Numismatic Guaranty Corp. certified a previously unreported 2014-D mule coin, having a Sacagawea dollar obverse and Presidential dollar reverse.

3. No West Point Mint quarters in 2021: After two years of inserting W Mint marked quarter dollars into circulation, the U.S. Mint announces that West Point will not produce the coins in 2021.

2. Designs revealed for the centennial 2021 dollars: With authorization signed for the coins, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and Commission of Fine Arts will meet to review designs.

1. Mint ready to implement alloy change for coins pending approval: Congress has received the Mint's fifth biennial research report on alternate compositions for circulating coinage, with several suggestions.

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