US Coins

Week of May 9 to 15

Highlights of the week of May 9 to 15 include release of new Confederate States of America $10 notes, the United States acquires New Orleans Mint site, and display of Dr. J. Hewitt Judd’s U.S. coin patterns.

May 9

1754, first use of Benjamin Franklin’s “Join or Die” Colonial snake design; 1843, Matthew Stickney obtains at Philadelphia Mint the first 1804 Draped Bust dollar to be owned by a private collector; 1863, first Comptroller of Currency Hugh McCulloch takes office.

May 10

1503, date of discovery of Las Tortugas by Christopher Columbus as commemorated on limited edition Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Quincentennial dollar in 2003; 1775, date of first paper dollar of what would be United States of America; 1837, banks in New York City suspend specie payments; 1909, mintage of Lincoln cent begins; 1921, U.S. Patent 1377676 issued to C.F. Gaunt for pinback combining medal ribbon bar and medal suspender.

May 11

1835, New Orleans conveys Mint site to United States; 1858, State quarter dollar subject Minnesota admitted to the Union; 1900, Thomas J. Sullivan appointed acting director of Bureau of Engraving and Printing; 1942, presidential executive order by Franklin Roosevelt establishes the Air Medal to recognize meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight.

May 12

1795, John Bill Ricketts’ Circus advertised on Philadelphia store card debuts in Boston; 1858, Treasury dedicates Galveston, Texas, customhouse; 1862, new Confederate States of America $10 notes with portraits of C.G. Memminger and R.M.T. Hunter engraved by Keatinge & Ball released; 1951, Dr. J. Hewitt Judd exhibits 405 different U.S. patterns at Central States Numismatic Society convention in Minneapolis; 2006, Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal announces bucking horse design for state’s quarter dollar.

May 13

1785, report of the Continental Congress on Propositions respecting the coinage of gold, silver and copper released; 1927, charter meeting of the Buffalo (N.Y.) Numismatic Association; 1965, Denver Mint strikes several trial setup pieces for the proposed new silver dollar coinage; 1992, Congress authorizes World Cup Tournament 50-cent, $1 and $5 commemorative coins; 2003, U.S. Treasury unveils colorful NextGen $20 Federal Reserve note designs with improved security features.

May 14

1801, Albert Gallatin takes office as Treasury secretary; 1861, President Lincoln appoints James Pollock to be Mint director; 1888, Congress authorizes life-saving medal for Navy Capt. Thomas Sampson; 1934, Congress authorizes Arkansas Centennial half dollar; 1947, Chief Mint Engraver John Sinnock dies; 2010, Texas Numismatic Association celebrates its 50th anniversary at Fort Worth three-day show.

May 15

1784, Josiah Bartlett presents unique 1783 Nova Constellatio 5-unit copper pattern to Samuel Curwen in England; 1837, Bank of Virginia suspends specie payments; 1864, Chicago Board of Trade votes to accept nothing but national bank notes and greenbacks; 1899, Canadian House of Commons rejects proposal that a mint be established in Canada.

Fred Reed has been a collector and writer for many years. If you have additions or comments, you can reach him at or P.O. Box 118162, Carrollton, TX 75011-8162, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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