US Coins

Week of May 23 to 29

Highlights of the week of May 23 to 29 include Treasury demanding that paper currency plates be turned over, Parliament outlawing private tokens and founding of Dallas Coin Club.

Events this week include:

May 23

1609, King James I grants second Virginia Charter, reserving for the crown one-fifth of all gold or silver mined by the Colony; 1775, New Jersey Provincial Congress authorizes £30,000 in bills of credit; 1883, John W. Haseltine sells O.H. Berg’s 1804 Draped Bust silver dollar to T. Harrison Garrett; 1916, U.S. Mint Director Robert W. Wooley notifies Hermon A. McNeil his designs have been accepted for the quarter dollar.

May 24

1682, Massachusetts down-values Spanish silver to pass current according to weight of “present New England Coyne”; 1794, Gazette of the United States at Philadelphia publishes notice on counterfeit $5 bills of Bank of the United States and $20 bills of Bank of North America; 1870, ex-judge Ethelred Woodward of Georgia arraigned at U.S. Circuit Court for dealing in counterfeit currency.

May 25

1813, English Parliament prohibits circulation of all private tokens; 1962, Province of Quebec Numismatic Association’s first annual coin show; 1978, U.S. Rep. James A. Leach introduces resolution calling for Susan B. Anthony-Harriet Tubman dollar.

May 26

1652, Massachusetts House of Magistrates approves act to establish a mint at Boston; 1826, Bank of England note-issuing privileges breached by Parliament approval of rural banking houses; 1863, newly formed Continental Bank Note Co. receives National Currency paper money printing contract; 1920, Commission of Fine Arts member James Earle Fraser rejects approving Maine Centennial half dollar designs from a drawing only, demanding competent models be made first.

May 27

1720, Duke of Orleans dismisses financier John Law as France’s controller general of finances; 1861, date of establishment of Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon as appearing on store card for its Second Annual Fair; 1931, first competitive coin exhibition highlights Pacific Coast Numismatic Society’s San Francisco show.

May 28

1783, Robert Morris records in his diary “Mr. Whitehead Humphreys to offer his lot and buildings for erecting a Mint”; 1864, Treasury secretary requests president of National Bank Note Co. turn over dies, plates and other tools from which federal notes were printed as property of the government; 1921, Dr. J.M. Henderson Collection auction begins; 1928, Dallas Coin Club organized.

May 29

1660, Charles II, who instituted tradition of giving Maundy money to poor, claims English throne; 1786, Newport Mercury reports on coins bearing the Eye of Providence, 13 stars and “U.S.” (Nova Constellatio coppers); 1837, minting equipment arrives at incomplete Dahlonega Mint; 1912, Bureau of Engraving and Printing installs currency laundering machine to wash dirty notes.

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