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Week of April 18 to 24

Highlights of the week of April 18 to 24 include coin designs for the Confederacy, release of the first dated issue of Coin World, the San Francisco Mint striking gold and U.S. marshals taking up counterfeit prevention.

Numismatic events include:

April 18

1787, James F. and Samuel Atlee become partners in Machin’s Mills, a private mint operating near Newburgh, N.Y.; 1896, printing of Series 1896 $1 silver certificate (nicknamed the “Educational note”) commences; 1906, San Francisco Mint survives disastrous earthquake; 1951, pioneer paper money collector Albert A. Grinnell dies; 2009, Commission of Fine Arts reviews 18 suggested reverse designs for 2010 Lincoln cent and recommends a design with 13 stalks of wheat bound together and the legend one nation.

April 19

1793, coinage of large cents suspended because supply of planchets is exhausted; 1813, U.S. Mint Treasurer Dr. Benjamin Rush dies; 1854, official ceremony marks inauguration of gold coinage at San Francisco Mint, $20 double eagles, $5 half eagles and $2.50 quarter eagles.

April 20

1696, Isaac Newton leaves Cambridge for London to take up appointment as warden of the Royal Mint; 1861, Confederates seize Charlotte Mint; 1933, U.S. suspends convertibility of paper money to gold; export, transactions and holding of gold forbidden; 1971, first John B. Connally-Dorothy Andrews Kabis 1969B $1 Federal Reserve notes printed.

April 21

1806, enforcement of Counterfeiting Prevention Act (2 Stat. 404) places federal enforcement under U.S. marshals and district attorneys; 1862, Rio Grande Soldiers Fund, Brownsville, Texas, issues 2-bit scrip; 1874, President Ulysses S. Grant vetoes the inflation bill that would have increased greenbacks in circulation by $100 million; 1960, date on the first dated issue of Coin World; 1966, Dr. Conway Bolt Collection Sale begins.

April 22

1783, die maker Benjamin Dudley presents to Superintendent of Finance Robert Morris three pattern Nova Constellatio coins; 1861, New Orleans Mint Superintendent William A. Elmore forwards preliminary coinage designs to Confederate States of America Treasury Secretary Christopher Memminger; 1899, Lincoln paper currency, plus engraved and other portraits, exhibited at New York’s Grolier Club.

April 23

1779, George Washington writes John Jay, president of Continental Congress, about currency depreciation: “a wagon load of money will scarcely purchase a wagon load of provisions”; 1860, National Bank Note Co. patents repeated cycloidal configurations as a bank note counterfeit deterrent.

April 24

1855, date of commemorative thaler struck for visit of King Johann V of Saxony to the Dresden Mint; 1876, John W. Haseltine holds his Centennial Coin & Curiosity Sale Part 2; 1938, Jefferson 5-cent coin design competition judges announce winner as Felix Schlag; 1964, Jewel Tea Co. attempts to ease coin shortage by issuing ill-fated scrip; 1987, Alan Hager files for patent for tamper-proof coin case.

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